When we left Germany, we were already equipped with the very comfortable Ergon GP4 grips and bar ends but after a year we were looking for an alternative that offers more different gripping options. The Ergon GP5 seemed to deliver just that and after a quick email, they agreed to hook us up not only with a set of GP5s each but also with a new saddle for Jonas and new cycling gloves for both of us! We will be using and testing all of those from now on (Jan '18) and we will report once we can say something about them.

What we can say now already is thanks to Ergon and our contact Dirk who are super helpful and supportive! We are looking forward to a great cooperation with you guys.



With their ambition to be sustainable in their operations and products, VAUDE and ONION Adventure want to stand for similar values. For that reason we are even more thankful for them supporting us with giving us a great price reduction on all their products. Thank you Mathias for being that helpful and supportive during our preparations so far.


Fahrradecke Erlangen

Fahrradecke Erlangen supported us with choosing, configuring and ordering our bikes. They also support us with tips and a tutorial on how to repair the individual parts of our new bike. Thank you Fahrradecke-Team!



Even after the end of our adventure Stadthelm did find us and contacted us. We are super excited to now call them our partners as well. We had one Stadthelm ("city helmet") on our adventure, but we’ll both be wearing them from now on. We're are proud to work with them and support the "Safe my Brain" foundation by wearing those helmets.


Sea to Summit

Sometimes life writes the most interesting stories and how we got in touch with Sea to Summit is one of these stories. We met Ryan on the Gibb River Road in Australia where he stopped to give us water and we ended up staying at his place in Perth when we did not have any other host there. Ryan is working for Sea to Summit and when he saw our very basic sleeping mats, he offered to supply us with some brand new inflatable sleeping mats and pillows. Thanks to Ryan and the whole Sea to Summit team for this great support!



Rohloff is helping us with giving support on their awesome Speedhub 500/14 and additionally providing us with both spare parts and biking clothes. Thank you Marco for the great help!


GoMo Energy

We are happy customers of GoMo Energy and when we ran out of GoMo in New Zealand, we thought, why not ask whether they want to support our adventure. That is how we came to the great deal that we will receive GoMo for our trip and will promote their brand over our social media every once in a while. Thanks to Edwin and the whole GoMo-Team!



A little mishap crushed one of our Tubus Logo racks while transporting our bikes on top of a bus and the need for replacement got us in touch with Tubus. They supplied us with a replacement for the rack and some protection foils to keep our panniers from wearing off the paint of our racks while on the road. Thanks to Carina and the whole Tubus team for that and we are looking forward to working with you guys!



We love having our action camera fixed on the front fork of Jonas' bike but the rough Australian roads killed both our cheap plastic mounts within a couple of months. When I was looking for a more durable alternative I stumbled over Sinox, a German manufacturer that specialises in high quality aluminium manufacturing and they offer some really nice GoPro and action camera mounts, manufactured from high quality aluminium. After a quick email we got in touch with Sebastian of Sinox who liked what we were doing and agreed to supply us with one of their high quality mounts that features two ball heads for flexibility in adjustment and the metal build looks and feels great. We will be using them from Jan 2018 on and we will report about our experience soon.
Thanks Sebastian for your support, we really appreciate it!

Kala Your Life

A great thank you to Lasse & Jens of Kala Your Life who are providing us with this awesome website, this helps us out a lot! :) - Spezialist für Australien Landkarten, Straßenkarten, Regionalkarten, Stadtpläne, Campingführer und Reiseführer.

Finding actual physical maps for our adventure turned out to be more difficult than we thought. Luckily we found where we got great recommendations and even sponsored maps for New Zealand and Australia. With altogether 10 (!!) maps we are more than well-prepared. Thank you Gudrun from for your support and sponsoring.



As a local self-employed energy consultant and lecturer, Markus supports us with sponsoring our action camera Xiaomi YI 4k. With all the equipment to buy, every support helps us a lot. Thank you for that, Markus!