Dienstag, 07 August 2018 18:30

Exploring the South of Thailand

Within two days of cycling from Penang we arrived at the Thailand border. The riding was getting more enjoyable as the population density decreased and the environment got hillier around us. Click to read more and watch our new video.

Freitag, 27 Juli 2018 14:02

Along the West Coast of Malaysia

After three months in Indonesia, it was time to move on to Malaysia. From Kuala Lumpur, we cycled along the West coast to reach Thailand. Along the way we visited the island of Penang. Click to read more and watch our new video.

Samstag, 21 Juli 2018 17:04

Why are we traveling by bicycle?!

One of the questions we are being asked most often is: “Why would you do all of this by bicycle?” This is not an easy question to answer as there are plenty of reasons. 

Freitag, 13 Juli 2018 10:55

Reaching Jakarta

Surprisingly small and beautiful roads along the Southwest coast of Java got us closer to Jakarta until we got sick and decided to take the direct way instead of staying along the coast. Click to read more and watch our new video.

The city of Yogyakarta is one of the most touristy places in Java and famous for the great temples they have. We enjoyed the city before moving on westwards again until reaching the small town of Pangandaran with all its amazing nature around. Click to read more and watch our new video. 

After our holidays on Bali we had to get back on the bikes and on our way to the city of Yogyakarta we visited the volcanoes Mt Ijen and Mt Bromo and had some really great hosts along the way. Click to read more and watch our new video!


After our holiday break on Bali we came back to Denpasar, saying goodbye to our friends Chris and Tammie and it was time to get organised again.  Within two days of cycling we reached the ferry to get to Java, our tenth Indonesian island! 

Mittwoch, 13 Juni 2018 11:24

Diving in Amed, Bali

The four of us stayed in Amed for five nights altogether and had a really good time there. Click to read more and watch our diving video.

Freitag, 08 Juni 2018 09:49

Holiday on Bali

The life of a traveller is soooo exhausting that you sometimes have to treat yourself with some time without any cycling. Jonas' best friend Chris and his girlfriend Tammie were planning to travel through Asia anyway and we decided to sync our travelling to meet in Bali for two weeks and explore the island. Click to read more and watch our new video. 

The island of Timor with one side being part of Indonesia and one side being the country of Timor Leste, was very interesting to cycle through the different parts. While having many similarities, there are also some striking differences that we experienced. Click to read more and watch our new video. 

Mittwoch, 16 Mai 2018 05:19

Cycling on Flores

A couple of easy days in Labuan Bajo and Komodo National Park, the challenging island of Flores lay ahead of us. Steep hills, hot weather and bad road conditions made our journey from Labuan Bajo to Ende a very interesting endeavour. Click to read more and watch our new video. 

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