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70% off from VAUDE - the biggest sponsor so far!

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When we were looking at different companies that would be open for sponsorships, we found a few and the companies Campz and VAUDE were the most interesting ones for us. At some point, we focussed on trying to convince Campz to sponsor us. When we got a negative answer from them and found out they did not have any budget for sponsorship left, we were pretty discouraged. But life had to go on and we put a lot of effort into our application for sponsorship from VAUDE and after just a few days, the awesome answer: Yes, they would be willing to sponsor the ONION Adventure! Vroni almost lost it at that point, that was a really good day. :)


After some more emails back and forth, we found out that they would offer 70% of a reduced price on their products in return for being represented on our homepage, photos with their products for them to use, getting some reports from our adventure while we are away and the option that we give some presentations after we come back. As we still need shoes, a tent, sleeping bags and a lot of other things, we will do BIG SHOPPING at VAUDE. On October 4 we are currently planning on going to the VAUDE Store in Nürnberg to look at some products and get advice from the staff there.


It is pretty exciting times, our departure draws nearer and nearer!

We will keep you updated,

All the best,

Vroni & Jonas


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