Montag, 26 November 2018 12:38

Chiang Mai and surroundings

 We just finished our last little bit of cycling in South East Asia exploring the surroundings of Chiang Mai with its waterfalls, temples and animals as well as experiencing the famous lantern festival. Click to watch our new video and read our new post.

Freitag, 31 August 2018 13:22

Two weeks of holiday in Malaysia

Cycling around the world can get a bit stressful sometimes, so we also take some holidays from traveling every once in a while. Vroni's parents wanted to visit us and we met up in Kuala Lumpur to travel through Malaysia for two weeks. Click to read more and watch our new video. 

Dienstag, 07 August 2018 18:42

Getting to Bangkok

From Karbi we had one more stop at Ratchaprapha Dam befor we got to Surat Thani to take the train to Bangkok. Click to read more and watch our new video.

Dienstag, 07 August 2018 18:30

Exploring the South of Thailand

Within two days of cycling from Penang we arrived at the Thailand border. The riding was getting more enjoyable as the population density decreased and the environment got hillier around us. Click to read more and watch our new video.

Freitag, 27 Juli 2018 14:02

Along the West Coast of Malaysia

After three months in Indonesia, it was time to move on to Malaysia. From Kuala Lumpur, we cycled along the West coast to reach Thailand. Along the way we visited the island of Penang. Click to read more and watch our new video.

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