Dienstag, 27 Dezember 2016 18:20

I like big boxes and I cannot lie!

In order to take your bikes on a flight, they need to be well contained. With just nine days to go, we took care of packing our bikes today. Click to read more.

Dienstag, 20 Dezember 2016 20:21

Aaaaand ACTION(camera)

For everyone who knows me (Jonas), you know that I enjoy photography and everything connected to it. So when planning our trip, I really wanted to bring a GoPro-style action camera along. We have one now! Click to read more.

We did not only want to rely on digital maps only but were looking for actual physical roadmaps as well. It was not easy to find something suitable but a sponsor could help us out now. Click to read more!

Sonntag, 11 Dezember 2016 15:24

Unbelievable, but it all seems to fit!

Wohoo, our bike bags have finally arrived and we spent a fun afternoon trying to pack all of it. Click to see more!

Montag, 05 Dezember 2016 14:52

Advanced course on "How to fix your bike"

With only one month left until our departure, we took another important step in our preparation: A crash course on how to fix all the parts on our bikes ourselves. Click to read more!

With just 50 days (!!) left before we leave on our adventure, we are getting closer to having all the necessary gear. Some new vital items have arrived, click to read more! ;-)

On the last weekend of October we were on our second test tour with our new bikes and some new equipment. We cycled from Würzburg to Bamberg with my (Jonas') parents. Click to read more.

Sonntag, 30 Oktober 2016 21:19

VAUDE sent a 10kg box...

With the really nice reduced price we get from VAUDE, we placed an order. A rather large order... Click to read more.

Sonntag, 16 Oktober 2016 09:12

The first package of goodies has arrived

After a lot of emails back and forth and some negotiations, the first package of one of our sponsors has arrived!! Click to read more.

Mittwoch, 28 September 2016 14:59

70% off from VAUDE - the biggest sponsor so far!

Our preparations are proceeding and we have another positive answer from a sponsor: The outdoor equipment company VAUDE said YES! Click to read more.

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