Freitag, 27 September 2019 19:10

Second week of building our Tiny House

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What we did with the two short sides of the house, we did now with the long ones and the ceiling. After finishing that we closed all the about 500 screws and sanded them afterwards, so everything was ready for painting the walls.

Here is the overview:

Day 7: Putting the vapor barrier foil on the long sides and the ceiling, starting to put the plywood on the inside

Day 8: Finishing the plywood on the walls

Day 9: Finishing the plywood on the ceiling and filling up the holes of the screws and the joints

Day 10: Finishing the filling of the holes and sanding off, cutting the holes for the loft beams and floor heating

Day 11: Filling again some screws and sanding them off, drilling the holes for plugs and light switches

Day 12: Painting the walls (first time)


 Let us know if you are interested in more details :).

All the best,

Jonas, Droni and Vroni


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