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Third week of building our Tiny House

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This week was about the inside of the house. Fortunately we realised that we need the bathtub already to fit it in perfectly. So we bought it and sat the wall right next to it. It's going to be a nice bath corner, you have to be creative if you want to put a bathtub in a small house, as well as an extra little room. But we managed it quite well, I think. The electrician put in the wires as well and we could paint the new build walls.

That was our week:

Day 13: Painting again and preparing everything for plugs and light switches

Day: 14: Cutting, sanding and treating the wood for loft beams 

Day 15: Start building the inside walls, installing loft beams

Day 16: Finishing inside walls, electrician puts wires inside the walls

Day 17: Filling in the holes, sanding (first time) and the electrician finished his job

Day 18: Finishing the inside walls with more filling and sanding, putting insulation in the outside walls

Day 19: Painting the inside walls (2x), finishing the insulation, putting extra holes in the window frames


If you have any more questions, just ask :).

All the best,

Jonas, Droni and Vroni


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