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The final kilometers along the Danube

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During our time building the Tiny House Jonas' parents came as a surprise for him on his birthday. Together we spend a really nice, long weekend hiking, eating, relaxing and talking in Brasov. It was good to not work for a few days and it gave us new energy afterwards.

After almost two months working on our Tiny House for 6 days a week, it was time to leave and make our way back home. The original plan was to stay for the build for 4 weeks and keep going, but we took a bit longer for it and also wanted to use that chance as good and long as possible to build on our house that easy. So we left Miercurea-Ciuc in the end of October in northern direction. The plan was tight, 18 days and 1700 kilometers. So we went hard and managed around 130km each day for the first three days. It was cold, but not while cycling. We arrived in Satu Mare just before the border to Hungary and took a rest day. The idea with so many kilometers right from the start maybe hasn't been the best one as we felt our knees. After a day off the bikes, because of the knee pain and rain we kept cycling over the border.

Pretty soon we changed our plans though. The weather was grey, again, and the knees weren't a 100% fit, so we said that it didn't really made any sense to cycle through the mountains of Slovakia. We cycled into the next bigger town and took the train down to Budapest to follow the Danube into Germany. Like this, the cycling was easy and quick and in case of bad weather there were cities to have a look around and trains that connect them easily. After two days in Budapest, a look around with an amazing sunset and some more rest, we were ready to keep going. We made it to Bratislava in two days, our knees were fine and we took the train for a couple of kilometers - easy! Vienna was our next stop were we also spend a day in town, but it was pretty grey and not so nice to be outside, so we had a relaxed time with our hosts :).

We kept following the Danube with still mostly grey weather and were sometimes happy to get a little bit of light and enjoyed those moments. The day we got to Linz was pretty cold as we had around 3°C during the whole day. Fortunately our host was waiting in a lovely and warm apartment for us. As we really wanted to cycle over the border and into Germany we decided to stay in Linz until the weather would be better and rather catch up with trains afterwards. Like this we spent two grey and rainy days in Linz relaxing and talking.

From Linz we kept on going and finally crossed the border back into Germany, it felt really weird to finally be back after such a long time. That day we made it to Passau and there we got on a train to Regensburg as we were running out of time to cycle home all the way. Close to Regensburg we stayed with Ronnie's high-school friend Hannah, her husband and her two lovely kids. It was awesome to catch up after not seeing each other for such a long time and also crazy to see how different their life was now, making very different decisions compared to what we decided to do. From there we cycled our last full day to Nuremberg along the Schwarze Laber cycle path and the Fünf Flüsse cycle path. It was a lovely last day of cycling and in the evening we stayed with Antonia and Adal, friends of Vroni's from her university time in Bayreuth. We had a really great evening together.

The next day we only had to cycle the last 20km to Erlangen and we were expected to be there at 1pm. For that we took it easy and left at 11.30am, enjoying the last little bit of this crazy journey. In Erlangen we were greeted by our families, friends and even a reporter from the local newspaper. The reunion was an overwhelming experience, but it is really nice to be back home again. It was time. The rest of the day we spent in a small local restaurant over some great food, a few drinks and with many great conversations.


This will be the last post about the actual travelling on our adventure, it has been a great pleasure having you follow and support us along the way.

We wish you all the best,

Vroni, Droni and Jonas

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