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Best of 2019

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We finally managed to go through all our drone shot of the last year and to cut an amazing last best-of of our adventure. 

I hope you love it as much as I do, it has been an incredible year. For new years we were, again, in Australia on our cattle station and flew to Hong Kong in the end of February. And since then, there were no more flight and we cycled most of the way back to Germany. In the beginning of the year we definitely knew that there would be a lot happening that we can't really imagine, but ending up with our own Tiny House was something that we would have not thought of at all! But here we are, back in Germany, enjoying the time with our families and still building on our own, new home.

Going back into that year is still something I love to do. Spending some time in China, in those crazy train rides, cycling through Central Asia, the region that was actually the reason for our decission to cycle all the way back and corssing all those seas to finally build our Tiny House in Romania and to follow the Danube back home. We met, again, so many amazing people along the way, some we talked to just for one great evening together some will stay friends :). And in the end, it was just the right moment to be back home, it's also exhausting to travel, so some routine and old friends and family are so nice.

Our adventure of us cycling from New Zealand back to Germany is over, but our general adventure isn't. There is still so much to come and to explore and we're excited! There are new projects, like organizing talks or finishing our Tiny House. We were also so excited of our house that we want to start selling those houses to all of you! We've been through this process of collecing information and so we think we can give you a hand and creat the perfect house for you too. But it's not only about the house, cycling really got us into the life style of minimal living and we believe it can add so much to your life if you're just aware of a few things. A Tiny House is one thing and a good reminder for so many others.

So, you'll keep hearing from us, that's for sure and if you have any questions or whatever it might be, just write us :).


We can just say: It was amazing, unbelievable and just,.... something no words can describe, so don't wait for anything, do what you always wanted to do!

Thank you for following us on this trip.

Droni, Jonas and Ronnie

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