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Back home and building our Tiny House

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There was a lot to see and do and many people to meet in the first weeks back home. So even though our Tiny House was delivered in December, we only started working on it in January. As Jonas started working in his new Job right in January as well, we tried to keep working once a week. We got stuff done, but of course the progress was slower then in Romania. Not only did we not have as much time, we also had to organize what we needed and so we went to the shops many times :D.

But we weren't in a rush as there were soooo many other things to organize too until we could really move in into our house. So Jonas did a couple of jobs at home in his basement while I was calling and writing emails with different communities and companies to figure out where and how to put our house somewhere.

The first thing we finished inside the house was our kitchen counter. As we already had prepared the drawers we only had to screw them together and all material needed was already there. Now, only the counter top and the large appliances are missing.

Afterwards we started working on our bathroom. While looking for a nice, but small bathroom sink, we fell in love with the idea of a wooden sink. And we found a nice wooden bowle, cut out of one piece of linden wood - so beautiful. So, we decided to build our own sink. To protect it against the water we covered it with multiple layers of epoxy. After many rounds of sanding it turned out amazing :). We then build the base for the sink and even put a coloured accent on it :).

We also mounted our bathroom mirrow and put together our dining table. In the end we started building our couch, but how that turnes out, you'll see in our next video :).


If there are any questions, feel free to contact us - we're happy to help.


Jonas and Vroni

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