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Building our Tiny House, last round, week #6-8

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First we though it would take us a month to build enough so that the house is water proof and we can transport it home to Germany and keep on building there. Now we know that if you want to make it right and good it takes a while. So we're still here giving our house the final touch. 

As we changed the plan and decided to build both of our interior doors ourselves to make them look the same there was even one more task that we had to manage. But now, everything looks perfect and we just love the house. Besides the planned interior staircase for the main room we also managed to cut some more to build our kitchen counter. This is just the perfect place for us to build as much as we can, at home it's never going to be that easy again. So we tried to get as much done as possible.

That were our working days, as always we were working for between 8 to 11 hours a day:

Day 28: Oiling the outside of the house with a protective oil mixed with a brown pigment

Day 29: Beginning of building the roof and cutting some window frames

Day 30: Finishing the roof, preparing more window frames and skirting boards 

Day 31: Building the door frame, attaching corners along the corners of the outside of the house, attaching window frames on the outside and building covers for the interior plumbing

Day 32: Finishing the corners on the outside, working on the pipe covers, putting silicon around the outside of the windows, building a cover for our possible connection for solar panels power on the roof

Day 33: More plumbing covers and building little covers for all the corners inside of the house

Day 34: Attaching the window frames on the inside of the house and cutting and attaching more covers for the corners inside

Day 35: More corner covers on the inside, cutting the first door and cutting wood for the staircase to get to the loft

Day 36: Finishing the covers for the corners inside, starting with the second door and painting the boards for the interior staircase

Day 37: Working on the second door (foldable door), first time putting the staircase together and drilling all the holes for the screws

Day 38: Preparing the outside covers for the staircase - for drawers and the door in front of the washing machine, building the drawers

Day 39: Putting PVC on the walls next to the bathtub and starting with the stairs for the outside

Day 40: Putting together the staircase inside the house, sealing PVC bathroom walls with silicone, cutting the boards for the kitchen counter and finishing the outside stairs

Day 41: Finishing the inside staircase, build a bit of the kitchen counter and cleaning up! 



That's it. Now, we only want to be back home until middle of November, which means we have 18 days for about 1700km! Then we have to organise a number plate and just have to wait for our hose to arrive, before we can keep on working in the inside :).

We hope, so far, we could help you a bit with taking you along on our working days. If there are any open questions, feel free to contact us and we will try to help you.

We probably see you again Miercurea-Ciuc, we had a great time.


Let's role!


Jonas, Droni and Vroni

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