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We are online & we have health insurance

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After starting to build our website in the beginning of July, we finished the last very important part of it now - we have our own URL linked up: www.oni-on-adventure.de. Now everybody can reach our page over this URL, maybe if you want to show it to someone. ;-)


Health insurance

Even though we did not even book our flights yet, we took the first step that is time-specific for our journey. After contacting the agency STA Travel for good offers on our flights, they presented a great offer for long-term health insurance abroad. Normal insurances only cover something like up to eight weeks abroad which would not be enough for us of course. Instead of booking a flight over STA Travel, we decided to book the insurance which was a timely offer and we found it to be a great offer compared to other insurances for such time frame. After leaving we will quit our German insurance and only have this international insurance - a weird thought somehow.


All the best,

Vroni & Jonas

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