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Dienstag, 30 August 2016 15:38

Facebook and our first tour

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On Saturday afternoon, we started packing everything in Erlangen and got ready to leave for the beautiful area of "Altmühltal". Pretty late for our train, we arrived at the train station on time and we started our train journey to Ansbach, from where our tour should start. During the train ride, we used the time to install the lock mounts onto our bikes for our new locks, the super heavy Abus Granit X Plus 30cm that just arrived before we were to leave for our trip. The cool thing about them, we ordered them to have the same key, in that way we only need one key to lock and unlock both locks!

When we arrived in Ansbach, we started making our way to the beautiful Altmühlsee where we wanted to spend our first night. Of course, we were not aware that there is a big festival around the lake which meant that all camp sites were already full. When we arrived there at 8pm, we could have either gone to the next camp site 10km further or just look for a free spot on the camp site. We chose the latter and put up our tent there, no problem there. As you needed to get some special shower coins for hot water, we only had cold water but after that hot day, that was no problem and reeeeally refreshing. After a quick dinner we already went to bed.

The next day we got up early and left at 8am already as we had about 80km to do that day and we wanted to get some kilometers done before it got so hot. The day went by very smooth and in the end we arrived at 2.30pm in the beautiful spot of Kratzmühle where we wanted to stay that night. The day brought us through some beautiful countryside and along the highway for a bit before we arrived at the campsite. When we arrived there, we could get a great refreshment in swimming in the river Altmühl, which was cold but really refreshing. After that we took some time to shoot some video that we want to use to apply for sponsorship, we will keep you updated about the outcome of that.

The next morning it was surprisingly ugly weather, it was raining and really dark. We were only prepared for nice and warm weather but finally decided to still go ahead with our tour of some last 45km to Neumarkt (i.d.OPF). It was definitely the right decision as the weather improved during all the day and we took the photo above at one of our breaks. After some nice cycling along the canal and through the countryside, we finally arrived in Neumarkt and finished our first 160km tour with our new bikes. They are really great and we made the right choice investing that kind of money to get them! 



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