Donnerstag, 08 September 2016 14:42

It is getting real - tickets are booked!

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After a rather stressful planning and decision-making process on how to fly, which airline to take and how to bring our bikes along the best way, we made a decision: We are leaving beautiful Germany on January 5, 2017. Our flight will take us to Taipei and after a lovely 17h there, we will leave for Christchurch, New Zealand. With China Airlines being the cheapest airline we could find and with 30kg of check-in baggage each, we will take both bikes on the flight and send a big box with other stuff to NZ by mail as it is cheaper than taking it on the plane. Now we need to find a hostel in Christchurch to send our package to but that is a future problem that seems to be solvable. 

If you have any tips or recommendations for NZ, please feel free to tell us about it. We will have 3 months there for both islands altogether. Even though it still feels weird but it seems - WE ARE DOING IT! :-)


All the best,

Vroni & Jonas

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