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Exploring the South of Thailand

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Once in Thailand, it was harder to find our way around because we did not speak the language and could not even read the road signs. The first town we reached was Satun and we found a Warmshowers host there. Pot and his family were really nice and we cooked a German-Thai dinner, combining Spätzle and roasted onions with a great Tom Yam soup. Next day we wanted to take it easy and only cycled 60km to reach our hotel close to Mu Koh Petra National Park. We bought some supplies to cook our own dinner and some drinks to have an easy-going and relaxed afternoon. In the evening, we went to the National Park to watch the sunset and it was really nice to just sit there, watch the waves and enjoy. From there we spent one more day on the road to reach the city of Trang where we were planning to take one or two days off as we found an amazing Warmshowers host there. The cycling in Thailand was a lot nicer again as the landscape was more interesting than in Malaysia and the roads were less busy as well. All the steep hills next to the road and forests we crossed made riding very enjoyable.

Our next destination was Krabi, which I visited before but Vroni has not yet been there. Two days of cycling got us there and we jumped right into the backpacking life. In the evening we went out for drinks, ended up in a night club and enjoyed the touristy approach to life. We spent one day visiting a great National Park close to the sea that offers an amazing view from the top of mountain. After 2h of hiking uphill, we were rewarded with a stunning scenery to enjoy. The famous Tiger Cave Temple was another attraction we visited and we climbed the 1237 steps to enjoy the sunset on top. The view was spectacular as well and it was a great closing experience of our time in Krabi.



All the best wishes from Thailand,

Keep cycling,

Vroni, Droni & Joni

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