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Still building our house, week #4 and #5

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Installing the windows took us longer then expected, there is so much more to do then just putten them in. All the tape and foam takes a while. Then it was all about the outside of the house. After a long weekend off for Jonas' birthday we installed battens as spacers for a rear ventilation. And then our house finally got a "face" - a nice, little, wooden house :). 

We also joined a wood planting event from the Eco Tiny House company. Together, we planted 1000 pines, had something good to eat and a great time together.

Our working days:

Day 20: Installing the windows and putting spray foam around

Day 21: More spray foam and cutting it in the right shape, preparing the wood for the loft flooring, plumping is being done

Day 22: Putting condensation foil around the house, tape around windows and oiling the battens for the rear ventilation

- Jonas' Birthday weekend in Brasov - 

Day 23: Nailing down the battens around the house

Day 24: Starting with the outside cladding

Day 25: Measuring, cutting and putting on the sheet metal windowsills before we kept putting on the cladding

Day 26: Finishing the outside cladding and windowsills

Day 27: Putting in the loft flooring, preparing the wooden covers for the sides of the windows (outside) and for all around the windows (inside), cutting and painting the wooden corners to cover all the corners in the house and around the loft beams


We're getting there, even though it takes longer then we thought.

All the best,

Jonas, Droni and Vroni





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