We spent our first weeks on Charlevue Cattle Station now, experiencing the full farming life first-hand. Our video shows quite a few aspects of what we are doing here.


We had our last week of cycling for a while. During that time we went from Harvey Bay to Bundaberg and off the coast through a stunning Australian landscape and to Charlevue Cattle Station, our home for the next couple of weeks.

We visited Rainbow Beach, watched a sailing boat race and visited Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world. During our two-day trip we hiked over the island, got two rides on 4WDs over sand roads and along the beach and met many nice people. A really great place to go!

We left the coast and the highway to cycle through the rainforest, into Brisbane and to Rainbow Beach eventually. Click to read more and watch our new video.

We are on our way to Brisbane and along the way we have seen great rainforest, cycled along some scary highways, watched kangaroos and even fed a kookaburra or of our hand. Click to find out more!

Our first days in Australia. We spent a couple of nights in Sydney before we started cycling up the East coast, took some ferries and made our way through some pretty rough national parks.

Our last part of New Zealand was another highlight, the Coromandel Peninsula was amazing with great beaches, nice forests and an overall beautifual scenery. Now we are in Auckland, about to start our adventure in Australia! Click to read more and watch our new video.

We enjoyed the geothermal activity in the centre of the North Island, mainly bathing in hot pools and looking at geothermal formations like vents and pools. Furthermore we got in touch with some Maori culture. Click to read more and to watch our new video.

It is said to be the best one-day hike in New Zealand and maybe even in the world, so we could not miss the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. Make sure to watch the video, it was amazing!

After cycling close to the coast for a while, just green rolling hills got boring and we decided to go back into the mountains and climb up into the volcanic area of Lake Taupo. On our way we had some great hosts, were invited for amazing steaks and finally reached the lake, a former volcano crater. Click to read more and watch our new video!

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