Samstag, 04 November 2017 05:38

Cape Range National Park near Exmouth

On our way through Western Australia we are experiencing the immense size of Australia right now. Reaching Exmouth from Karijini took us five days of cycling but Cape Range National Park was well worth the detour. We were rewarded with some great snorkeling and seeing whales, turtles, sharks and more. Click to read more.

Karijini Nationalpark was recommended to us by everyone coming from the West Coast, so we had to check out this amazing area. The red soil and deep gorges were just breathtaking. Click to read more.

After the Gibb River Road, enjoying Broome and a couple of days without cycling were a blessing for our sore bums it felt a bit like holidays. Click to read more.

Sonntag, 08 Oktober 2017 13:22

The infamous Gibb River Road

Cycling the Gibb River Road - we knew it would be a challenge and we decided not to take the easy way. A lot of suffering, a lot of dirt, a lot of sweat but worth every bit of the way. The landscape and the people we met made us forget all the long hours on that challenging road! Click to read more.

From Katherine it took us just four days to cycle the 520km to Kununurra where we stayed to get ready for the Gibb River Road. Click to read more.

Darwin was our spot to sell our car, pack up our bikes again and get back on the road on two wheels. Our next stop was Katherine and along the way we visited Litchfield Nationalpark and some other nice waterfalls along the way.

From Alice Springs we kept driving North  and passed Kings Canyon and drove through the beautiful West MacDonnell Ranges. After that we made our way along the Stuart Highway through Kakadu Nationalpark to Darwin.

Dienstag, 05 September 2017 06:13

Our drive from Dingo to Uluru and Alice Springs

We are finally back on the road and started our journey through the outback in our lovely old car Shelly.

Montag, 21 August 2017 01:21

The end of our cattle experience

Finally, we have a new post and video, just right before heading off into the outback. Click to read more.

Mittwoch, 28 Juni 2017 05:45

More cattle farming!

There is not much to say about what we are doing right now, the video pretty much explains it all! Have fun watching. :)


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