Montag, 22 Oktober 2018 08:17

Into the hills of Northern Laos

When we left Hanoi we were perfectly relaxed and excited to explore the mountains of Northern Laos. Oh boy, did we not know what we signed up for there. Click to watch our new video and read our new post. 

Dienstag, 09 Oktober 2018 08:01

North of Vietnam

Leaving Laos through the hills was amazing. Even though the weather wasn't so good, we really enjoyed the mountains which we didn't have for a while. From Vinh in Vietnam we took the train to get to Hanoi to meet Jonas' parents, brother and his wife. Click to read more and watch our new video. 

Montag, 17 September 2018 12:48

Along the Mekong in Laos

 Laos has a lot of different faces and we had a great time on our way through this beautiful country. Click to read more and watch our new video. 

Samstag, 15 September 2018 06:44

Living the dream

Living the dream means something different to everybody, but still only few people actively pursue the thing they are dreaming of. This essay is a take on why and how we are doing just that, maybe it is helpful for you as well. 

Montag, 10 September 2018 14:00

Temples of Cambodia

After two weeks of holiday in Malaysia, it felt good to be cycling again and Cambodia was a very enjoyable chapter with lovely people and amazing temples. Click to read more and watch our new video. 

Freitag, 31 August 2018 13:22

Two weeks of holiday in Malaysia

Cycling around the world can get a bit stressful sometimes, so we also take some holidays from traveling every once in a while. Vroni's parents wanted to visit us and we met up in Kuala Lumpur to travel through Malaysia for two weeks. Click to read more and watch our new video. 

Dienstag, 07 August 2018 18:42

Getting to Bangkok

From Karbi we had one more stop at Ratchaprapha Dam befor we got to Surat Thani to take the train to Bangkok. Click to read more and watch our new video.

Dienstag, 07 August 2018 18:30

Exploring the South of Thailand

Within two days of cycling from Penang we arrived at the Thailand border. The riding was getting more enjoyable as the population density decreased and the environment got hillier around us. Click to read more and watch our new video.

Freitag, 27 Juli 2018 14:02

Along the West Coast of Malaysia

After three months in Indonesia, it was time to move on to Malaysia. From Kuala Lumpur, we cycled along the West coast to reach Thailand. Along the way we visited the island of Penang. Click to read more and watch our new video.

Samstag, 21 Juli 2018 17:04

Why are we traveling by bicycle?!

One of the questions we are being asked most often is: “Why would you do all of this by bicycle?” This is not an easy question to answer as there are plenty of reasons. 

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